The Town

A little town with good weather and kind people, Yangana is the main entry gate to the south eastern regions of Ecuador. Located 60 km. south of the city of Loja, Yangana has a pleasant climate, with temperatures varying between 15 º and 25 º C (60 º to 80 º F). Given its location, the town is constantly receiving fresh “cordillera” winds.

Un pequeño pueblo con buen clima y gente amable, Yangana es la entrada principal a las regiones sur-orientales del Ecuador. Localizada a 60 km de la ciudad de Loja, Yangana tiene un clima placentero, con temperaturas variando entre los 15 y 25 º C. Dada su ubicación, el pueblo está constantemente recibiendo vientos frescos de la cordillera sur-oriental.

Yangana in numbers / Yangana en números:

LATITUDE 4º 21’ 53” South
LONGITUDE 79º 14’ 4’’ West
AREA 263.20 km2
ALTITUDE 1,800 meters above sea level
CLIMATE Sub tropical – sub humid
POPULATION 1,500 people
19º C average temperature (66 º F)
LIMITS North: world renowned town of Vilcabamba
South and East: province of Zamora Chinchipe
 town of Quinara
CIVIC CELEBRATIONS Foundation parties – September 11
PAROCHIAL IMPORTANCE First Sunday of October – Señor de la Buena Muerte