How do I get to Yangana?

Yangana is located 20 minutes south from Vilcabamba. If you are travelling from Loja  ask for directions to Vilcabamba, then keep going south until you reach Yangana, just follow the main road and you can’t miss it. Once in Yangana ask for directions to the Hacienda.

If you are travelling from Quito you will probably take a plane and arrive at the Catamayo Airport. From here the easiest way to get to Yangana is to charter a taxi or pick-up truck to take you all the way to Yangana. The price should be around US$ 30.

Travelling by car:

  • Quito – Yangana: 12 hours aprox.
  • Cuenca – Yangana: 4 hours aprox.
  • Catamayo Airport – Yangana: 2 hours aprox.
  • Catamayo Airport – Loja: 1 hour aprox.
  • Loja – Yangana: 1 hour aprox.
  • Loja – Vilcabamba: 40 min aprox.
  • Vilcabamba – Yangana: 20 aprox.


Do you offer tour packages?

Currently we don’t have pre-made packages, but if you want to have someone to coordinate and manage all the details of your visit to Yangana (food, tours, transportation, translation, hikes, etc.) contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I rent a car to move around?

Yes, you can rent a car in Loja, you have a couple of options:

Is there internet in the Hacienda? What about TV? Phone or cell phone?

Part of the Yangana experience is to disconnect, so we do not have  TV in the rooms. We do have a TV lounge with a wide variety of movies and series and satellite TV, and Wi-Fi connection in the lounge areas.

There is a land line in Yangana Lodge, but there are no strong cell phone signals in town. Talking about disconnecting from the world for a bit.


Where can I eat out in the town?

There are no formal restaurants in Yangana, however in Vilcabamba there are a couple of really good options for you to try local and international food:

Is there a supermarket nearby?

The closest Supermaxi (supermarket chain) is located in Loja, but in Vilcabamba there are several convenience stores that carry all the items you will need. Also in Yangana you can try the local convenience store where you will find anything from work boots to ice cream, or the local vegetable market.

Can I hire someone to help us with the cooking?

Yes. If you need an extra hand with cooking, washing dishes and cleaning you can hire a maid for the duration of your stay.

Also, if you just want to relax and not think about cooking at all, we have a great chef that help us on large group visits, so an all-inclusive meal service can be arranged.

What about money matters? Can I use my credit card?

The national currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted in Ecuador, though in small towns such as Vilcabamba or Yangana it is unlikely that you can use your card. There are ATMs in Loja and Vilcabamba if needed.

Can I hire a toursit guide that speaks english?

There are a couple of good options for tours and tour guides in Vilcabamba which can do the trick. Also if needed, one of the owners can assist you in anything you need during your stay. This person is 100% fluent in English and  he can manage in basic French.

Packing list? What type of clothing and extras should I bring?

  • Sunhat
  • Sun block
  • Insect repelent
  • Camera / binoculars (specially if you are a bird lover)
  • Small backpack for hikes
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Walking shoes / sneakers / light hiking boots
  • Fleece or sweter
  • Rain jacket (something light is fine)
  • A mix of warm weather and mild weather clothing (shorts, sandals, jeans, light-weight trousers, t-shirts, shirts)
  • A good book (or you can borrow one from our small collection)
  • A smile and the will to relax